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FPK - Investigation of a mismatched team
Kalei looked up from her maps and got up on her feet when she heard them coming. She was tense to stand before the traitor once again. The door opened and Queen Lacriel marched into the library, Thanael following her. Prison and war had not done well on him. His eyes were lined by dark circles in a pale, thin face, his bare feet and the too wide shirt hanging loosely around his ribs gave an idea of how much weight he had lost. But he stood there all calm and unimpressed, giving Kalei a short nod for greeting.
Kalei rightaway ignored him and smiled at the Queen instead. "Don't worry, Kalei", Lacriel said. "He will behave."
A glare over to Thanael who confirmed dryly: "Of course I will behave, I'm not a savage."
Lacriel smiled on that. "We shall see. If you are, you'll go back to your cage. Kalei, I rely on you. One word, and I'll free you from his company", she promised. Kalei nodded, somewhat relieved. Lacriel knew she was telepathic; she would not make her endure Thanael's cruelty eve
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 8 8
FPK - The Price of Loyalty
You'd think it would be harder, sneaking down to the cells, but it isn't. Then again, that may be because currently I'm a rat. I had to get down there, I had to see him.
It had been a few days since my brother was dragged from his trial screaming, and I could barely contain my shock. I had to find out what was going on with him. I've already lost one sibling to their own toxic thoughts, like hell was I going to loose another.
Getting in may have been easy, but finding him was easier. I simply followed the singing. Which led me to a cell with a guard posted outside of it. I would have to temporally distract him, after all if all went as planned, we couldn't have a guard turning around and seeing a prisoner talking to a rat. It wouldn't take long for someone to connect two and two. If we were lucky, they would think him crazy, if not, I would probably have a trial of my own.
Before I can think clearly and stop myself, I scurry over to another cell and open the door with a
:iconeolewyn1010:Eolewyn1010 8 21
Triumvirate by Meriancel Triumvirate :iconmeriancel:Meriancel 25 15 Patron-Minette by Dasha-KO Patron-Minette :icondasha-ko:Dasha-KO 41 14 Different Valjean. by Dasha-KO Different Valjean. :icondasha-ko:Dasha-KO 21 14 Fauchelevent by Dasha-KO Fauchelevent :icondasha-ko:Dasha-KO 34 27 Les Miserables Old foto by SirSubaru Les Miserables Old foto :iconsirsubaru:SirSubaru 63 20 This girl's done no wrong... by Thehighwaygirl This girl's done no wrong... :iconthehighwaygirl:Thehighwaygirl 14 21 Still holding hands by HeeLash Still holding hands :iconheelash:HeeLash 17 2 The light of the Sun by Thehighwaygirl The light of the Sun :iconthehighwaygirl:Thehighwaygirl 20 19 Disney Characters vs. Fairytale Characters III by musicmermaid Disney Characters vs. Fairytale Characters III :iconmusicmermaid:musicmermaid 34 2



VikingLadyMaker AzaleasDolls -Russian fairytales
Another picture based on Russian folk fairytales. The Viking maker suddenly was great for Slavic-air costumes.
All the same characters as here , only one added. Top row: Vasilisa the Wise ("The Frog Princess"); Marya Morevna (eponymous tale); Maryushka ("Feather of Finist the Fair Falcon"); Alyonushka ("Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka"). Bottom row: Snow Maiden (eponymous tale); Blue Eyes ("Tale of Apples of Youth and Water of Life"); another Vasilisa the Wise ("The Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise"); another Vasilisa/ Tsar Maiden ("The Firebird and princess Vasilisa"/"The Humpbacked Horse").
TheEarthMonarchy - The Ball
For TheEarthMonarchy roleplay group.
Speaking honest, Helena was at first quite nervous. She had just joined the royal court, and already so quickly is participating in such an important occasion as The Skyfall Gala. An event which is visited by people from all kinds of lands within Natura Kingdom. She came here representing the Goldswans, wearing the Goldswan colours - white, golden and a tint of blue. And she had not to let down the name of her family before those whose ways and customs were unfamiliar to her. She of course had participated in various meetings of the higher world before... but nothing as big as this. Because the Kingdom was almost endless, and no one would be able to say that he or she knows all its realms, nations and creatures.
Marie thought about the very same thing. But it made her excited. She never knew much of the world, but longed to know. One of her brothers always dreamed of adventures, of becoming a traveller one day - and the girl had made him promise that if this comes true, he will take her with him. She listened with an open mouth to the stories about lands of eternal summer, lands of eternal winter, mermaid realms under the water, fairy realms in the clouds, everything that wasn't found in her home town. She almost did not believe her own ears when Lady Helena offered her to go together to the gala. Before this day, Marie once accompanied her elder friend on a party, but she didn't like it then, it was too boring and cold for her. Now, it was going to be something really different.


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